Policy for Play – responding to children’s forgotten right

Policy for play final

Format: Paperback, 169 pages, 216 x 138 mm
ISBN 9781447319429
Publication date: 28 October 2015

Play is fundamental to children’s health, wellbeing and development. Yet in the modern world, their space and opportunity to play is under threat. This is the first book to look in detail at children’s play within public policy. Using the UK government’s play strategy for England (2008-10) as a detailed case study, it explores states’ obligations to children under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the General Comment of 2013. It presents evidence that strategies for public health, education and even environmental sustainability would be more effective with a better-informed perspective about the nature of play and the importance of allowing children more time and space for it. The book throws down a challenge to both play advocates and governments, to make effective policy that respects, protects and fulfils children’s right to play as a priority. It is an essential tool for practitioners and campaigners around the world.

‘this book needed to be written. As well as providing a road map for all who want England to again move forward in improving everyday play opportunities for children, it will also become a key resource for play advocates and policy makers everywhere’.

Roger Hart, City University of New York and co-director of the Children’s Environments Research Group (from the foreword to Policy for Play)

“This is the story of the short-lived political recognition of children’s play by the UK government. Adrian Voce takes us through the exciting highs and subsequent lows with great clarity, attention to detail and no little passion.”

Fraser Brown, Leeds Beckett University

“This engaging and timely book is a really welcome addition to published work on play and policy in the UK. It will be an essential read for anyone seeking to understand how play and policy are interconnected in practice.”

John Horton, University of Northampton

“In 2010 a very promising Play Strategy for England was set out. The author of this book was an important actor in this process and shares his inspiring experiences in this book.”

Jan van Gils, Director, Research Centre Childhood and Society, Belgium (until 2010) and President of the Child in the City Foundation (2000-2016)

Policy for Play by Adrian Voce (Policy Press, 2015) can be ordered here

Readers in North America can order the book here

A full review of Policy for Play can be read here


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