The Guardian archive

Between 2006 and 2011 Adrian Voce, as the Director of Play England*, was invited to write a series of comment pieces for the Guardian newspaper and website.

Taken together now, they form an archive that tracks the arc of the national Play Strategy, from its inception as the major policy objective of the play movement in England to its premature termination by the Coalition government.

They are collected here in reverse date order.

*The most recent piece listed was published in Adrian’s independent capacity – even though he was still director of Play England at the time.

Preventing future riots starts in the playground

The Guardian, Friday 19 August

The government needs to pitch in on child’s play

The Guardian, Wednesday 3 August

Cutting spending on playgrounds will only cause problems in the longer term

The Guardian, Thu 12 August 2010

Don’t be distracted from the importance of play

The Guardian, Wed 6 January 2010

Ever so serious about play

The Guardian, Wed 10 December 2008

Risky play prepares kids for life

The Guardian, Wed 6 August 2008

Some room of their own

The Guardian, Thu 3 April 2008

All to play for

The Guardian, Tue 31 July 2007

Where do the children play?

The Guardian, Wed 2 August 2006

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