Playwork Conference 2015 under threat

26 Sep

The organiser of the annual national Playwork Conference, Meynell Games, has issued a call for commitments from those intending to attend in March 2015, in order to save the event from cancellation.

A minimum 300 delegates are needed for the conference to break even. Meynell has warned that if this number is not achieved by the end of September, the conference can not go ahead. Meynell Games has previously subsidised the event to underwrite any shortfall but is no longer able to do so.

So, if you value this unique opportunity for the playwork community to come together and share developments in our field – whether in policy, research, practice or skills – and want to join it in Eastbourne on 3-4 March, 2015*, please email the address here before 1 October to say you will be there.

And if you have never been before but have thought about it … it may be now or never! 300 playworkers by the sea for 2 days? Are you really going to have a better time anywhere else next year?

Just do it!

You can read about the event – and the challenge of staging it – directly from Meynell Games, by clicking on the link below.

playwork conference flyer

*please note that an earlier version of this blog contained incorrect dates for the conference


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