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Play projects up for People’s Millions’ awards – vote today and on Wednesday.

25 Nov

Two different play projects – one in Bristol, the other in London – have made it through to the final of the ITV/Big Lottery Fund People’s Millions competition this week.

Bristol Playbus is competing for the £50,000 award in the West Country East run-off today. Please call 0871 626 88 94 before midnight to vote.

London Play is competing for the £50,000 award in London on Wednesday, 27th November. Please check the People’s Millions website on Wednesday for the number to call.

In these difficult times for play services, including play charities who are finding fundraising increasingly difficult, it would be a boost, not just for the two projects themselves, but for the sector, if these play initiatives could win popular support on this high-profile platform.

Please circulate this through your network of play supporters.

Thank you.

Discussing the future of playwork

22 Nov

16th December 2013, 12 – 4pm
University of Gloucestershire

A meeting called by Play Education’s Bob Hughes and Professor Perry Else of the Children and Play Team at Sheffield Hallam University, earlier this year, under the title “The Argument for Playwork” broadly agreed to consider the potential for a new professional body for playwork.

I touched on this discussion in an earlier blog and, by way of a loose résumé, you can see the slides from the session in Sheffield that considered the issue here:

Sheffield Professional Body Discussion.

Since the meeting in Sheffield, some of those who attended have had further, informal discussions about possible next steps in this endeavor, and a further meeting has now been called to widen the discussion and try and gather some momentum.

Playwork Partnerships at the University of Gloucestershire has kindly agreed to host the meeting as follows: –

16th December 2013, 12.00 – 16.00

University of Gloucestershire
Oxstalls Campus – Room TC119
Oxstalls Lane
Glos. GL2 9HW

Directions can be found at:

The group will not be able to cater for the meeting other than providing a room, but there is a University café nearby.

If you would like to attend please email Karen Benjamin at

Please also let her know if you are unable to attend but would nevertheless like to be kept informed of further developments, including possible future meetings.

Finally, please note that this initiative is being taken by an informal group of individuals. It is wholly independent and has no affiliation with or dependence upon any institution or organisation.

By the same token, the meeting and any decisions or actions that arise from it must be considered exploratory and provisional. Whatever form of structure – if any – may eventually be created will, in our view, need to retain this independence: being adopted by, owned by and accountable only to its membership. Until such a body is inaugurated, this working group will remain informal and unconstituted, with an open and variable membership.

Simply, whoever from the community of playwork is able to attend and contribute will be welcome, subject only to limits on numbers because of the size of venues.

Please let Karen know quickly, therefore, if you plan to attend so that she can reserve your place.

Thank you

Karen Benjamin & Adrian Voce

Bringing playwork to the high street

6 Nov

Charity launches survey to assess the potential for Pop-Up Play Shops (PUPS)

The new play charity, Pop-Up Adventure Play has published an on-line survey to help assess the need and potential for Pop-Up Play Shops (PUPS) – playwork projects offering free play sessions to children and their parents from vacant shop-fronts.

The survey is part of a lottery funded study of the possibilities for playwork projects within the “meanwhile space” movement, which aims to make use of vacant commercial premises for “pop-up” businesses or social projects, usually on a temporary basis for nominal rents.

The charity’s founders, Morgan Leichter-Saxby and Suzanna Law have run a number of pop-up play projects, including a successful Pop-Up Play Shop in Cardiff city centre, and now want to support others to adopt the model.

A letter about the project, with a link to the survey, can be found here

Letter from the Pop-Up Adventure Play team

or you can go directly to the survey here.

The survey will close on 30 November.

PUAP LOGO (Spring 2012)

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